I was roadside and agree, you could sense the exhileration and, in some cases, joy from the riders during the race (not least from Alison Jackson who tucked into a doughnut on the climb). This was perhaps, in part, because it was the culmination of such a fantastic festival of bike racing in Glasgow.

But where is your mention of Lizzie Deignan? For me, hers was one of the rides of the day. She fought like hell to stay with that group of favourites, often leading it. It was great to see her at the sharp end again so soon after the birth of her son. And she definitely had a smile on her face.

My only other comment is that Anna Henderson was actually very pleased with her time-trial result, so no redemption from shortcomings needed there. Just a shame she was involved in a crash later in the race and had to abandon.

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Great summary, thanks!

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