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derailleur is a newsletter and website devoted to telling some of the greatest stories of contemporary professional cycling in an unconventional, narrative-driven way. Founded in 2021 by journalist Kate Wagner, who herself came to cycling by way of an outside field, derailleur aims to serve as an incubator for published writers new to sportswriting, early-career journalists, and interdisciplinary endeavors such as poetry, fiction, illustration, and more.

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Paid subscriptions to derailleur support new voices and new perspectives in cycling, enabling us to pay industry rates for a diverse plethora of stories and approaches. For many of our writers, derailleur acts as a first step in publishing their work. Funds also go to sending our writers to races. We hope to expand our efforts in offering new journalists the opportunity to test their skills on the ground and gather experiences that will affect them profoundly. Every new edition of the newsletter, paid or free, goes directly to your inbox. Paid subscribers also receive more frequent updates as well as features such as exclusive interviews, profiles, and comment access.

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stories for people who think time trials count as a genre of poetry.


kate wagner 
kate wagner writes about buildings and cycling. She is best known for her architectural writing and her intimate profiles of Slovenian cyclists.
Dane Hamann
Poet & editor (& occasional artist). Author of 2 books of poetry and several chapbooks. Runner and cyclist. Found online at danehamann.com and on Twitter @donnyhamms.
jackson roman
I was busy thinkin' 'bout bikes / @youngajax on Twitter
cm jacobs
CM Jacobs is a Montréal-based writer who loves talking about bike races and what they say to and about us when we watch them.